Jayme Sweere - C-IAYT, MBA, RYT-500, CPT

Founder, teacher and CEO, Yoga Therapist, MBA - Sustainable Development, Yoga Teacher Trainer, Performance Trainer

Fascinated by how to achieve high performance as an professional athlete, D1 Strength and Conditioning Coach, and entrepreneur I began to dig more deeply into what I saw and experienced as what makes or breaks those at the top, STRESS. I have come to see that how we cope with and respond to stress is what determines if our experiences in life develop our capacity to thrive or we spend our days enslaved and surviving, anxious and depressed. 

My background as a coach, non-profit administrator, content producer, marketing strategiest, teacher trainer, yoga therapist, and entrepreneur give me a unique skill set to help create a precision wellness plan for your organization and implement that plan in the most cost efficient way while getting sincere employee buy-in. Employee wellness is of increasing concern in organizations of all types. Having been in the wellness industry and studying the science of habits for ten years allows me to help you weed out what won't work and focus on small changes that will, saving you money on fitness programs or incentives that won't have much impact because they don't address the root how humans change behaviors. Constant adaptation and analysis is necessary to narrow down what is most effective and once we find what will support your organization I won't only teach your people the techniques but I will teach them how to teach them to others so that they become a part of your culture. My job is to make it so you no longer need me, as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. There is no time to waste and I truly believe this will make the difference in organizations and communities that thrive or get lost in the chaos. 


I spent years sitting at a desk in the yoga media industry and developed techniques for integrating the teachings into the workday in a precise and effective way. Developing functional movements to counter the effects of hours on technology is critical for the health and well-being of your employees. It's about more than just standing vs. sitting, it's about intelligent and mindful movement. Taking small smart breaks throughout the day improves performance and investing in your people will be a measurable ROI. Let me show you what they can do when they have the time and knowledge to attend to themselves at every level!


Board Certified Yoga Therapist, International Association of Yoga Therapists

Senior Content Producer, YogaInternational.com

Marketing Manager, Himalayan Institute

Personal Trainer, NSCA - CPT

500 hr Yoga Teacher, Himalayan Institute

MBA - Sustainable Development, Wichita State University

Performance Training Specialist, Division 1 Strength & Conditioning

Professional & Collegiate Athlete, Basketball - Luxembourg EU / Southern Illinois University


Our Teachers:

Essie Marie Titus - KCFD, C-IAYT

Active Duty Firefighter, Teacher, and Certified Yoga Therapist


Being stationed in the heart of Kansas City, Missouri’s River Market on the Fire Department since 2005 makes Essie no stranger to pressure and stress. As a trauma informed yoga instructor trained at the Himalayan Institute and a Certified Yoga Therapist with the IAYT, she is an advocate for self-care and self-regulation in the first responder/military community. In addition to duties at the fire station, she currently teaches yoga and mindfulness practices to the  fire academy, police department in KC, at trauma informed teacher trainings nationwide, and for Exploring Roots, a non-profit organization offering free outdoor exploration and mindfulness education to undeserved communities in the KC area.

You can reach Essie at: StressedOutHumans@gmail.com

Stele Balaban - eRYT 500

Senior Manager, Business Analyst, Yoga Teacher, Bio-Mechanical Assessment


Stela has been developing her professional career in parallel to her yoga training and inevitably these two paths began to overlap and inform one another. Stela has worked in the financial and healthcare industries in various roles for 10+ years. She supported brand development, performed research informing acquisitions, identified customer and patient trends, monitored customer satisfaction and identified opportunities for operational efficiency. After hours, Stela taught yoga, both in the community at large and at her place of employment. Her corporate yoga classes were extremely well received as they were tailored to the capacity and interests of an office population.

Stela has been living in Arkansas since 2017 and is currently a trainer of teachers at Circle Yoga Shala while studying herself to become a yoga therapist. Her interests blend a Western bio-mechanical understanding of the body with the Ayurvedic model of health. Each person and situation is unique and Stela is so full of passion to engineer just the right set of movements with just the right pattern of breath so that no energy is wasted and the system begins returning toward symmetry.


Advisory Board

We have assembled a team of advisers from a diverse fields of studies to support us in designing programming that is scientifically proven to improve health and improve performance. 

Holly Krepps - C-IAYT, Co-Founder Circle Yoga Shala

Dr. Meghan Blay - DO, Cox Health

Karen Rakowski - ATC, Physical Therapist

Gail Melgren - Executive Director, Tri-State Water Coalition


Our Partners

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