Integrative workplace wellness

We design and deliver educational programs for the workplace. When each individual in an organization gets the tools to sleep well, breathe well, eat well, move well, and be well, amazing things happen. No longer holding on by a thread and emotionally imbalanced, your people become creative, giving, caring, and fulfilled humans who can contribute on a whole new level. This is organizational transformation. 

4 week Functional fitness series

We will design a functional fitness training to fit the needs of your organization. These programs can be done in any open office space and require no change of clothes, no special props or equipment. We share scientifically researched breathing techniques and ways integrate healthy movement into daily life. These methods have been proven to improve posture and increase productivity.

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LUnch and Learn/workshop topics:

  • Developmental movements for posture alignment

  • Self-Inquiry and the science of change and habit

  • Everyday movement in the well-being

  • In-house movement space design

  • Method of systematic relaxation

  • Breathing for regulating the nervous system

  • Self-Care techniques for a calm mind

  • Sleep, diet, and lifestyle focused stress management

  • Emotional processing for high stress living

  • The science and practice of meditation.

  • Neck alignment for forward head positioning

  • Transparent Leadership

teaching the why behind the what for buy in from the whole team. 

Stress happens and it will always happen, but we can learn to deepen our inner resources and become antifragile humans. These are the tough, durable, empowered people you want in your organization. Science is proving practices that the ancients have done for thousands of years and these simple time-tested techniques can be adapted and seamlessly integrated into the the work place to improve performance at every level.