So you like science and are ready to bring your organization these tools. Each program is unique to the organization but in general here is how the process will look. 

First we learn more about your organization and the daily repetitive tasks of your employees, your concerns, and learn what might be taking a toll on your employees. Then, our team will design an initial educational experience for you and your leadership to gauge employee buy-in and determine how you would like to proceed. Based on feedback and organizational goals we then develop a plan of action for one or multiple departments. After they have experienced the techniques and you feel confident that this is right for your organization we move into the implementation phases where we educate, put into practice, and finally individualize as you get the results you're looking for and begin to see the possibilities for organizational transformation.

You know you need something, but you're just not sure what it is yet. Your people need support and you want to give it to them. This is where we explore what is possible and how these techniques could best be integrated into the great things that you already do. Knowing what your work flow and operating systems are allows me to integrate mindfulness naturally into the workday. You know your organization and your people, I know the tools for and science behind habit and wellness, we will discuss your challenges and goals to decide the best way to move forward together. 



A 1-2 hour experiential session with your leadership and staff to experience for yourself what these therapeutic techniques can do for a workday. It is much more than a yoga class, more like an experience of embodied learning. We will do simple techniques available to everyone that they can do in normal work clothes. No fancy mats or spandex required. It's about reconnecting mind and body, and the specifics techniques to do that anytime, anywhere. 


In this part of the process we will work together to get in 4-5 hours of educational time with your people. They will learn the science behind the techniques that will be implemented and why they are good for the health of the organizatoin and their individual health and well-being.

put into practice

This is where real change happens. You have the language and tools as an organization, now how does it become a part of your culture. We all know that when you want to become good at something it requires daily practice. Moving well, breathing well, and being well are no different. This is where your organization  walks the walk. We use a combination of digital and in person sessions to make sure every employee has everything they need to practice daily and experience the real return on investment that you are looking for -- the tools for change put into practice. 


When you love how the program is going and want to offer your staff even more specific yoga therapy services, we will work in small groups or one-on-one to develop strategies to empower each individual towards their wellness goals. This is the future of employee health care benefits. Given the right motivation and support each individual can meet their personal health goals. There is no greater ROI than investing in the well-being of your people!