In-House Functional Fitness

We will design a functional fitness training to fit the needs of your organization. These programs can be done in any open office space and require no change of clothes, no special props or equipment.

We share scientifically researched breathing techniques and ways integrate healthy movement into daily life. These methods have been proven to improve posture and increase productivity.

Your people will learn how to align, activate and counter pose to prevent and even correct forward positioning of the head due to long hours of technology usage.


12 Session introductory package

These series are designed to teach participants to take align and activate their bodies in a way that counters the effects of long hours on the computer. Each series is progressive and educational. Participants will experience their bodies in a whole new way and learn to incorporate healthy habits into the workday.


Follow up workshops and 1-on-1 coaching

Once your team has the basic concepts in place we offer Lunch and Learns and individualized coaching to keep the momentum going and continue to support your employees in integrating simple yet life changing habits into their work life.


continued online access

We create custom pages for your organization to access online content that makes the concepts learned easily put into practice in daily life. Our four week beginners series can be offered to new trainees via online resources.