Creativity Retreats

Free from distraction, creativity and innovation will flow. Each retreat is specifically designed for your organization's time, goal, and budget. Once we have explored your goals and challenges we will organize a retreat filled with learning, practice, strategy, connection, and fun while immersed in nature and SOUL (sustainable, organic, unprocessed, local) food

Team building - stress reduction - strategy sessions


just show up

You and your people get present and relax while and we handle everything. Weekend activities can include practice and education on: yoga and meditation , self-care, lifestyle, the science of habit change, team building, equine therapy or transparent leadership exercises, Ayurveda education, personality assessments and assimilation, movement exploration, hiking, climbing, floating, and much more depending on the needs and the season! 


Urban Retreats

You don't have to go far to create the space you and your team need to do something great. We can plan a trip very close to home at The Lodge at Rockspan Farm.


Eureka springs AR

Bring your team to beautiful Eureka! We can plan a trip to fit your needs and schedule accomodating for team meetings, daily practices, bodywork, hiking adventures, and free time to explore. 


adventurous escapes

Get your team out of their box! Retreats to accommodate anywhere from 5-50 employees right here in the Ozarks. When we allow ourselves time to connect with nature creative solutions come easy!