Integrative Workplace Wellness 

Online educational support for integrating movement and mindfulness into your workday for increased capacity to cope with stress and better focus. All our content is 5-10 minutes long with video and audio options to fit ease into your life and work. We educate through practice so that learning and integration happen fast. 

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Movement Practices 

Short and effective guided movement practices to counter the effects of long hours on the computer. Making break time effective and efficient is our goal so you can return back to your task with renewed focus and increased flow. We focus on alignment and muscle engagement step-by-step so your learning is progressive and able to be quickly applied to daily life.

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Give your humans the tools to tap into their inner resources of clarity and confidence with guided audio meditations. Great for individual use or before meetings to set the tone and come to a space of creative collaboration. Designed to use during the workday for short moments of self-remembering that bring everyone to the present moment and the tasks at hand. 

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breathing techniques

The breath is the key to mind-body connection and stability. Together we learn the anatomy of breath and different techniques to use for different desired effects. Some techniques energize and focus while others calm and allow for rest. The ability to regulate and connect with your nervous system on demand is a sign of true self-mastery. This is achieved with control of the breath. 

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